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  Registration for our Morning (AM), Afternoon (PM) and Week-End Classes is ongoing. Please call the school to find out the Start Dates of these Classes. We offer a Rehab.Nurse Assistant (RNA) course (1-day course) thaught by a Certified Physical Theraphist. Prospective students must be Certifide Nursing Assitants (CNA) to attend the course. With your certificate you can apply for a job at the Rehab Department at a Skilled Nursing Facility. 

 Check the calendar for updates regarding schedule of other Classes;  i.e. CPR, RNA, and C.E.U's for CNA's and HHA's License Renewal .  Feel free to call the school for more current/updated information regarding Schedule of Classes as well as the Topic/s for the day. The number to call is: (408) 564-7242


Practice test


 1-)A resident temperature should be measured orally when the resident?



2-)A common side effect of a stroke is?



3-)When communicating with a resident who has Alzheimer's disease,the nurse assistant should?



4-)A resident who is expecting to die in two weeks,plans to take a trip in 6 months.The resident is in which stage of death and dying?



5-)Germs increase quickly in places where there is a lot of?



6-)A resident has an indwelling catheter. How often should catheter care be given?



17-)Which of the following is a sign of infection?



8 oz Coffee cup=250cc* 14oz Glass=120cc * 1 Coffee pot=270cc * 1 pitcher=780cc


9-)A resident drank a cup of coffee. According to the intake and output line shown above,how much liquid did he drink?



10-)When the fire alarm sounds,the nurse assistant should?





11-)A nurse assistant enters and discovers that a resident has fallen. The nurse assistant should?





12-)A nurse assistant is asked by a doctor to perform a registerd nurse's duties. The nurse assistant should?















Answers: (1)-D (2)-C (3)-B (4)-B (5)-A (6)-B (7)-D (8)-D (9)-A (10)-D (11)-D (12)-D