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Phone: (408) 564-7242


Registration is ongoing for our Morning Class (8AM-2:30PM, Mon-Fri); Afternoon Class (3:30PM-8PM, Mon-Fri) and Week-End Classes (8AM-4:30PM, Sat. & Sun. only). The "Start Date" for the Morning and Afternoon classes is the 8th of January 2018. The Week-End Class "Orientation" is scheduled for Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 8:30AM. All prospective students are encouraged to register as early as possible to allot plenty of time to complete the required Physical Exam/TB Skin Test and Background Check/Fingerprint/livscan before the start of Classes. As in previews years, our CNA classes fill up pretty fast as we start another New Year! The maximum number of students per class under 1 instructor is 15. Feel free to call the school at 408-564-7242 for additional information.

Please call the school for more current/updated information regarding Schedule of Classes as well as the Topic/s for the day for the C.E.U. Class . The number to call is: (408) 564-7242