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  Registration for our Morning (AM), Afternoon (PM) and Week-End Classes is on-going.  A minimum of 5 students is needed to start a Class; otherwise the Class gets re-scheduled to start at a later date. Our Afternoon (PM) Class start on Monday, Sep. 11, 2017. Our Weekend Class starts on Sunday, Sep. 10, 2017. We offer a Rehab.Nurse Assistant (RNA) course (1-day course) thaught by a Certified Physical Theraphist. Prospective students must be Certifide Nursing Assitants (CNA) to attend the course. With your certificate you can apply for a job at the Rehab Department at a Skilled Nursing Facility. Please call the office for projected "start dates" for each particular Class!

 Check the calendar for updates regarding schedule of other Classes;  i.e. CPR, RNA,  Feel free to call the school for more current/updated information: (408) 564-7242



If you've been wanting to pursue your goal of becoming a (CNA) Certified Nursing Assistant and joining your friends as a valuable member of the Nursing Community, today is still the right time to get started! Call South Bay School of Nursing today! Registration/Enrollment is ongoing for all our Classes. Once we gather five (5) registered students for a particular class we can schedule that group to get started.  Call to let us know which class you plan to attend: Morning ( AsM); Afternoon (PM) or Week-End Classes. We'll fit you in the class most convenient for you!  Don't delay, make it your priority to come register/enroll for the (CNA) Nurse Assistant Program! There's still a high demand for New Graduates (CNA's) in our area. This is still a great time to get started!! Our ACNA and RNA courses are popular but so far our Nurse Assistant Training ( CNA ) Program remains the most popular course and we expect this trend to continue for the near future.

Our address is: 1580 Oakland Road Suite C-106 San Jose, Ca. 95131.

Office phone number is (408) 564-7242 .Fax. No. is (408)564-7079.

For urgent need: call cel.# (408)209-7743 or cel. # (408)209-7716

For those taking the VTA (bus), the bus number is 66 and stops in front of Oakland Road Business Parks Complex. We are at the back row of buildings (Bldg. No.1580 Ste. C-106). Still confused? Simply call us at (408) 209-7716 for additional help with directions.

Our Continuing Education Units(C.E.U.) for CNA's & HHA's classes are becoming popular among our graduates as well as their co-workers especially those who are working "one-on-one" and to those who work at Assisted Living Facilities. Check this website under "Class Schedule" for the most updated schedules of CEU classes! Better yet, just call the School for up-to-date information. Other special arraignments can be made to meet your particular need to renew your Ca. CNA  or HHA License. Reminder: Upon receipt of your CNA License; you are required by the Ca. Dept. of Health (CDPH) to complete 24 continuing education units (CEU's) the 1st year and 24 (CEU's) units the 2nd year for a total of 48 hours C.E.U. 's to renew your CNA license every Two (2) years!! Call the school for detailed information and schedules for these required C.E.U. Classes! Former CNA's with expired licenses less than 2 years may be allowed to re-take the CNA exams. You must call the Red Cross at 1-800-627-7000 to schedule & confirm your CNA exam date. Have your Credit Card handy when you call to make payment for your exam fee of $105.

Special Review Classes are available to CNA exam takers on a "case by case" basis. Call us for more information regarding fees & schedules of these Special Review Classes! 

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South Bay School of Nursing's Perspective:

Do you know anyone who recently lost their job? If so do them a favor by letting them know the "Nursing Field" is an exciting field to get into! Being new in the Nursing profession yourself you don't need to elaborate on anything except that you're happy with your current job and how glad you are with your decision to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). When you talk to someone who is interested to learn more about "Nursing" simply refer them to us and we'll do the "explaining" on how they can get started. This is just one way to spread the word..... thru our blog. We get referrals from various places and we thank those who "pass the word" about our program. Please relay the word to your friends and relatives.This may just be the "break" they've been looking for especially if they are leaning towards a " Fresh Start" in the  Nursing Profession. We'd love to have them participate in our Nurse Assistant Training Course! Should you come across someone not sure of which career direction to take, bring them with you and we'll counsel & help them decide whether they'll take the offer or not! Finding the Nursing Field as a great career for you may also be a "Great Career Field" for a close friend or relative! Share the good news....there's still a "HIGH DEMAND" for new CNA's!